5 Secrets Of Easing Labour Pain During Delivery


Pregnancy Labour is painful but what women should know is that the pain is reasonable as muscles contract paving way for the baby. Goodness of Labour is the awaiting of the arrival of the new born. The feeling of having a baby sooner after the labour is what makes Mother's to be enthusiastic about pushing through the labour.

The process of normal delivery is when the cervix dilates upto 10cm. Muscles contraction and dilation of cervix brings about pain when the baby moves down through the birth canal. Obstetrician research shows that labour for most women starts when the cervix dilates about 5 to 6 cm.

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First time moms have there labour for more hours than mothers who have had children before. They undergo labour for about 8-12 hours while second time mothers for about 5 to 6 hours with every one hour dilation of the cervix to 1cm.

The good news is that there are various ways we can employ to ease labour pain during child birth. Below are the things that you can do during labour to make it a lot more easier.

Changing positions- kneeling with body leaning forward, sitting, standing and squatting. This helps the baby to move down alot more quick than dwelling on one position.

Emptying the bladder- the baby usually pushes the bladder when in labour that you often feel the urge to urinate. The secret for easier labour is to frequent urinate to give the baby enough space for rotation of the head and also help him move down the pelvis.

Drinking water- staying hydrated during labour can help ease the pain. Women in labour are expected to take fluids like water. One is expected to take at least 1 cup of water in an hour. Water is a good companion during labour pain.

Taking strolls- Taking strolls and walking makes it easier for the baby to move down quickly due to gravity. It reduces the hours of being in labour pain.

Laying on your left side- During labour lying on the left is recommended. It eases the whole process as the baby is likely to find it's way in this posture. It also helps in good circulation of blood to the baby as it keeps pressure off the liver organ lying on the right of the body. Doctors usually encourage women to lie on their left side during labour.

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