Here is Reasons Why Martha Karua Is likely to be Raila Running Mate

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Today is final day which presidential candidates are suppose to name their running mate. Yesterday Dp named his running mate who comes from Nyeri county the region which is located mount kenya region.

The former Prime Minister Raila odinga he is suppose to reveal his running mate today. The probability of Martha Karua been elected as Raila running mate is very high and below are reasons why she might be selected as Raila Running Mate:

1. She comy from Mount Kenya region which has high number of voters this region has higher registered voters.

2. She has been in government for long period of time so she has experience on how to run government.

3.Her gender matters alot this because she is a lady this means ladies will be well presented in government.

4. She is very courageous and very talkative this means she will helping people alot.

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