Pastor Dag Hewerd-Mills Vs. Nana Agradaa, Who Is More Spiritual.


Christianity is the major religion in Ghana and nothing else can dispute the power of God which is effectively working in Ghana through the mighty men and women of God in the country.

Bishop Day Hewerd-Mills

Amongst these great men of God, is the Bishop of the "Lighthouse Group of Churches", Bishop Dag Hewerd-Mills, who is known for active role in drawing people closer to God on daily basis. He is a man of great miracles, a kind heart and a humble spirit, which is sign of God's love in his heart and and his love for the people of God. Bishop Hewerd-Mills is also recognized for his efforts in taking the word of God to those who need it the most in less privileged environments across the country and his efforts in making youths more useful to God in every aspect.

Nana Agradaa

Nana Agradaa a powerful money doubling priestess but now a repentant Christian, and has also been praised for her spirituality and sincere way of doing things, which many believe is a symbol of dedication to the gods she once worshipped. Although she has burnt almost all of her alleged "powerful gods" that can double people's financial life. Nana Agradaa was regarded as one of the most powerful fetish priestess in the country, even though she has been criticized in the past for her strong belief in her gods, but she believes everyone has the right to choose who or what they want to worship, as long as it gives them what they desire the most.