3 Sets of siblings who currently play for the same club (photos)

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Reece James has been a Chelsea defender for many years, in short, he started his career in Chelsea. The only time he left Chelsea was when he went out on loan to Wigan Athletic in 2018, aside from that, he has always played for Chelsea.

His sister, Lauren joined Chelsea in 2010, she left for Arsenal in 2014, joined Manchester United in 2018 but has now returned to London in 2021. Fathers and sons often represent the same club at the same time, usually because it is only logical for the child to be in the academy when the father is in the main team. There are unique times when siblings get to represent the same clubs at the same time.

1. Felix and Lukas Nmecha

Felix and Lukas are Nigerian brothers who were born in Germany but relocated to England. While in England, the two joined Manchester City, the brothers have now left Manchester City to play for Wolfsburg in Germany.

2. Reece and Lauren James

Reece is 21 years old while Lauren is 19, they both started their careers in Chelsea, but Lauren left the club. The two of them now play in London for the Blues.

3. Kylian and Ethan Mbappé

Kylian was born in Paris, but he started his professional career in Monaco. He joined PSG in 2017 and inspired his brother Ethan, who is a midfielder, to also join the French giants.

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