Hassan Joho Motivates Mombasa Residents This Morning

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Mombasa governor Hassan Joho has this morning motivated Mombasa residents by updating them on how the Mombasa government under the leadership of Joho are prepared in the fight against corona virus the global pandemic.

On his Twitter account, Mr Joho up loaded a video that was showing the amazing facility to deal with corona virus after the rise in cases in Mombasa county.

Mombasa has become the center of attention with over 70 cases being reported. The hotspot in the country remains Kenya Port Authority (KPA) and data shows about 24 persons from the company have contracted the disease.

Joho launched new center that will be handling mild & moderate cases while the critical cases will be handled at the Coast General Teaching and Ref feral Hospital. The county government has also launched four ambulances with critical care capacity that will be dedicated for transfer of Covid-19 patients.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho on Saturday informed President Uhuru of his worry about the increasing cases in Mombasa, pushing his total lockdown campaign to State House.

Kenyans and especially Mombasa residents took it to Twitter to show their support for their popular governor as he leads by example in this invisible war.

Please look into those staying in Quarantine facilities in Port Reitz hospital during this period of Ramadhan very sad state of affairs. Thank you.

May the grace of the Lord be with you and give you strength even in your holy month to serve your people. God bless.

In crisis the true colors of man are visible to everyone, your calmness and compassion for the people is seen, this guy would make a good president.

Just to mention a few. Thank you ️

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