Kimani Ichungwah's Message To Raila Odinga And Azimio

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MP Kimani Ichungwah has hinted through his official facebook page alleging that Azimio One Kenya Alliance presidential candidate Rt Hon Raila Odinga, and his allies have started complaining ahead of this year's presidential election because they know that the second in command of the republic of Kenya William Ruto will beat them.

According to him Raila Odinga should be prepared to lose his fifth attempt because the deep state will not be able to help him.

"When defeat is inevitable.When you stare at an obvious loss.Then they begin these choruses.

When they know they are losing an election and not even the evil deep state can save them from the inevitable loss. 

Relax mzee. The election will be there and you are staring at the 5th defeat. 

Wacha vitisho pia na makasiriko ya your handchq brother.

Kenya doesn’t belong to three families ndugu.

"Kenyans will go to the polls on 9th and vote against hii Kiburi, vitisho, makasiriko na martharao mingi.Prepare". Kimani Ichungwah to Raila Odinga and deep state.

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