Elegant Wrapper And Buba Styles For Women, Wives And Fashionable African Ladies

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Iro means Wrapper and Buba means blouse. Iro and buba styles are usually a one piece wrapper tied around the abdomen or, in it's unique form. Lace, Ankara, aso oke, silk and cotton, George, and other fabrics can be used to stitched as oleku which means short sleeve, long sleeves, puff sleeve or even as a straight or peplum blouse. When deciding on Iro and Buba blouse styles with lace, there are various lace types to select from, such as cord lace, swiss lace, and so on. Choose a lace cloth that is both prosperous and applicable for your desired styles. Are you looking for the most current Iro and Buba blouse styles? Don't worry, we have an elegant selection of Iro and blouse styles for you to determine from. It's convenient for owambe, and other processions.

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