Today I Visited A Mining Site. This Is What I Found There - Aplus Fatally Exposed Galamsey Fighters

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Popular Ghanaian artiste turned activist, Kwame Asare has fatally exposed Galamsey fighters as he made it known that he visited a Galamsey mining site today and this is what he found there. According to the post made by the former musician, he exposed how Galamsey fighters fighters left excavators in a particular mining site. And the worst part is that work is still going on in this particular site that was captured.

He even went further by describing the place, in which he said that it is a walking distance from where mining equipment was destroyed. This particular revelation has left Ghanaians in total shock on how this kind of thing is happening, while many expressed their dissatisfaction over what was found there.

However, about 3 excavators where working on the mining site. Meanwhile, the Galamsey fighters came close to that area but they never destroyed those excavators, so can we say this is likely a partial fight or what. Because the operation is not taking full effect in some areas.

Kwame Aplus also promised to post more video to expose what is going on in the area so we are expecting more details from him.

Photos from the mining site scene;

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