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There are mistakes in love. Relationships are not like electronics or machineries, they do not come with manuals and yet they need to be maintained.

As a fan of the sitcoms, I once watched the Big Bang theory. A weird guy called Sheldon Cooper and his equally weird girlfriend, Emmy compiled an agreement for their relationship which they both agreed on and got it signed. Their relationship was based on those agreements and new amendments were made in case of new developments.

Their friends who were also dating one another thought this couple was crazy until they engaged on endless fights and decided to make their own relationship agreement. I am not saying it is a good thing to live by the paper but everything that requires maintenance comes with a manual.

Today I pumped into an open discussion on social media where people where sharing their thoughts about or secrets to happy relationships.

A lady who calls herself a relationship advice representative says in a relationship you must Make sure that when you say I’ll be there 17:00, be there at 17:00.

This was disputed by someone saying that Problem with that is, it makes the person who arrives in time seem desperate, but who doesn't arrive in time seem less desperate. Relationship principles state that "desperation is unnattractive". So you either look desperate or you arrive late and look less desperate.

The relationship advice specialist came back by saying that those people are not normal. There is a thing called Punctuality and it is accompanied by showing the person respect ,if you late rather call and say “munto wam I’m going to be 4/5 minutes late”. She believes that punctuality is attractive and it shows your care.

Another man said for relationships to work, one must Stay as far as possible from their partners phone, and believe everything they tell you. A lady added under this comment that you must Stay away from their emails as well. Believe everything they tell you and be happy. Let go of anything that takes away your peace.

A guy told ladies that If they are married, they must Respect their men, If not, they should show him that they are part of his future.Respecting him stops the ladies from addressing him in ways that chase him away. He commands women to help and support their partners, be content with the state that he is now but support him to what he can be.

Others believe that communication is the key while there are others are saying that you will never sustain a long time relationship without forgiveness.

See the other response below and tell me what is your view on this topic.

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