Ronaldo: One of his ex-teammates compares him to Messi, Neymar and CR7

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Ronaldo Nazario , the other Ronaldo of legend, the first, before CR7 , is praised by one of his former teammates.

A few days ago a sports magazine launched a survey to find out who of Nazario and Cristiano was the greatest of the " Ronaldos ". But if the poll had voted CR7 [just 51%], for the legendary Brazilian left-back, Roberto Carlos , there was no match.

For him ' R9 ' remained the best, an attacker well above CR7 , Messi or even Neymar . 

"He was the best (…) there will be no other '' Fenomeno ''

It was during an interview recently granted to the sports magazine '' Goal '' that Roberto Carlos wanted to pay this tribute to Ronaldo Nazario , '' R9 '' for journalists, and ' ' O fenomeno '' ( the phenomenon) for fans from Bahia in Brazil.

For the powerful left-back, a real winged surface rat, and current Real Madrid ambassador, Roberto Carlos, " R9 " his former teammate in Séléçao, would be by far one of the best attackers in the world. “  He was the best (…) there will be no other '' Fenomeno ''  ” he had confided. " In our generation it was more difficult to score goals. It was more physical at the time and the attackers were less protected.

But Ronaldo could do anything,  ”added Mr Carlos in substance.   

Ronaldo Nazario's nickname , ' ' O Fenomeno ' ', is a clear indication of the impact he has left on the sport.

The two-time World Cup winner has played 98 games with Brazil and won the Ballon d'Or twice.

With a career spanning seven clubs, four countries and 18 years. The Brazilian won a competition with almost each of his former employers.

After announcing himself to the world of football with a sensational 1996-97 campaign in Barcelona, Ronaldo will injure his knee, and this will impact his five years spent at Barça . But regaining its full capabilities in 2002, its exploits in Japan and South Korea enabled Brazil to win the 2002 World Cup, and made it a Golden Bridge of Inter Milan for the " Galacticos " of the Real de Madrid.

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