Chelsea Star Who Started His Career As Striker Changed To Midfielder And He Is Currently A Defender


During the youthful stages of a footballer, he can play so many positions in the squad before deciding on the best position that he will play all through his profession.

In this article I am going to share with you Chelsea star who started his football career at Chelsea as a striker then later changed to a midfielder and he is currently one of the best defenders in EPL.

"When I first arrived at Chelsea, I was a striker but then moved to midfield for a couple of seasons," Reece James told the clubs website.

"Then, when I was about 15, I found myself playing right-back because there were better players in midfield. I hated it for maybe two or three years and never wanted to play there!

"But one day it just clicked and I started loving it. I think the penny just dropped that I wouldn’t be playing midfield anymore and this was my new position."


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