OPINION: How Exam Malpractice Affects Student Productivity & Its Connection To The Low Score In JAMB

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The just concluded Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Computer Based Test (CBT) recorded one of the lowest performance as a vast majority of students scored below 200; some crossed 190, 180, while others scored as low as 150 or even less.

I have heard some people saying that the computer JAMB used in marking the result is faulty and that it marked the students down which led to the low score, but I do not believe this and even if there is an aorta of truth in it, there is an aspect which I would want to speak on extensively, which is Examination Malpractice and its negative effect in the just concluded JAMB examination.

If you are a parent and you are reading this article, you will agree with me that there was noting like examination malpractice in the 80's when people were happy to be called a student and spent quality time preparing for Senior Secondary School Examination and entrance examination which ushered them into higher institution, but what we see today is a different case entirely as most students indulge in the academic fraud called malpractice.

How examination malpractice relates to the poor performance in the just concluded JAMB examination is the question you may want to ask and that is connection I will establish in this article.

You will agree with me that before a student sits for JAMB examination, he/she must have written WAEC, NECO or other Secondary School Certificate Examination, it is at this point that most of them get it all wrong by indulging in malpractices while writing O'Level Examination.

Examination Malpractice And Its Effect In The Just Concluded Examination

1. Most Students Have No Solid Foundation Academically Due To The Fact That They Indulged In Malpractice In WAEC/NECO Examination

Imagine someone who passed WAEC and NECO by indulging in examination malpractice; he/she feels that education is easy so long as you have money to buy your way through. The most heart breaking thing is that most parents are aware of this academic fraud but they still go ahead to give their children money so that they can pay for a certain subject during examination and get answers.

The over reliance on examination malpractice by most Students has created a barricade between them and academic excellence and this on the long run has made them not to have a solid foundation academically.

Someone who folded his/her hands knowing fully well that they will supply answer for him/her when writing WAEC and NECO will not have the zeal to study for JAMB unlike the person who sat down and spent hours preparing for WAEC.

2. Most Students Had The "We Know How We Do It" Mindset

I had a brief chat with one of my JAMB student who paid lecture fee but never attended class. I asked him of he thinks JAMB is like WAEC and his reply was that he he knows what to do.

It will interest you to know that most students still believe in "JAMB runs"; they believe when they pay for answers they will get them on the day of their examination, and they forgot that the questions were programmed by a computer which are done randomly.

3. The Prevalence Of Examination Malpractice Has Awaken The 'Lazy Spirit' In Some Students

Imagine you are being spoon-fed with answers while writing WAEC/NECO, this will definitely awaken the 'lazy spirit' in you and will go a long way to affect your preparation for JAMB. You will agree with me that a student who spent an average of three (3) hours preparing for WAEC will not see it as a herculean task to spend five (5) hours preparing for JAMB, but the one who relied on expo while writing WAEC may lack that motivation factor to study and prepare adequately for JAMB.

Just like I said, this is just an opinion and I am not trying to say that the students are the cause of the poor performance, I only pointed out what you and I know is true.

Judging from the poor performance this year, will you advise that the examination board should be scraped? If yes, then what will be used to access students before they gain admission into higher institution?

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