Rebecca receives blasting reactions from Ghanaians after Roland Walker shared this story on Facebook


After a very strong 'force' of pressure from the general public, social media activists in particular, Rebecca Akufo-Addo and Samira Bawumia have decided to refund all the allowances they had received since 2017, and have additionally rejected subsequent salaries from the government.

While some Ghanaians are applauding and praising them for exhibiting a high level love and patriotism for their motherland, others are of the view that this step is rather denting image of the Government, especially the presidency.

Additionally, some Activists are rigorously advocating that until the monies are received from them with official receipts as evidence, they would never believe it.

Meanwhile, today (July 13, 2021) in parliament, Hon. Okudzato Ablakwa has strongly advocated for some reforms in the salary structure of public workers. He is of the view that there is a high level of disparity and inequality between those in higher offices, particularly politicians, and ordinary public officials.

In the public domain, some Ghanaians have indicated that since Rebecca and Samira have showed a good example by refunding their monies, former MPs should also refund their Ex-Gratias.

Prof. Ransford Gyampo, a renowned Political Scientist at the University of Ghana, Legon, has boldly declared that "MPs who have voted out of parliament should also refund all illegal Ex-Gratias paid them as a way of helping to restore their credibility and legitimacy deficit within the Ghanaian political body."

Some are of the view that the country is already in extreme harship due to the leadership crisis we are currently experiencing; hence, those monies will help shape our economic outlook.

If Hon. Ablakwa is advocating for a better salary for the ordinary Ghanaian, then actions should be taken by parliamentarians to also call for a reduction in their salaries or Ex-Gratias, in order to get enough monies to shape the salary structure of other public officials in the country.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians have reacted to the story shared by Roland Walker on his Facebook page concerning the refund and rejection of paid allowances (from 2017 to date) and scheduled salary payment respectively, by Rebecca Naa Okaikor Akufo-Addo.

Below are some of their reactions:


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