"Maajabu Ya Musa" Indian Women Mould, Worship Covid-19 god


Am interested and intriguing piece of information that has surfaced media is women from known Indian village.

A group of of women from Kushinagar and Varanasi from India began creating covid god. According to tweet from k24, the villagers are wording their own moulded god called corona mai.

The alarming covid status has hit the country at worse level, is said to be the motive behind the worshipping of the covid pandemic.

A group of women can seen gathered on Sunday worshiping their created ido asking god to relieve them with the current Covid pandemic.

According to the village women, the prayers directed to Corona Mai will last for twenty one days. In a nutshell, they are praying and fasting for 21 days. As per the emerging reports, the group agreed before embarking on the idea.

This has seen and supported the wide spread worshiping of idols especially in India. Maybe, they are right. Nobody is eligible to question once religion.

But worshiping covid is way too much. Share your thoughts on this

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