Ruto Says How He'll Prevent Raila From Holding Demonstrations After Election

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Deputy President William Ruto has once again alleged an ongoing plot to rig him out in favour of ODM leader Raila Odinga in the August election.

Ruto, a first time presidential hopeful, is not new to such, and has been making making many of such allegations lately, though he has not been giving evidence to solidify his allegations.

He on Saturday again said that something is up, but assured his supporters that the plan will not succeed, saying that he is too smart to have his win stolen.

"I've heard them say that they plan on rigging me out. But by just looking at me do I look like a man who can be rigged out? Let them look for something else to do," he said in Narok, reports Citizen TV.

Ruto said that he intends to protect his votes to prevent any attempts to manipulate them and tilt the results in favour of the former Prime Minister.

Ruto also told Kenyans that there will be no demonstrations in Kenya after the election, vowing to beat Raila so badly that he won't have the courage to once again claim that he has been rigged out.

"We will protect our votes and we will win by a very huge margin that it will be even hard for anybody to say that they have been rigged out. There will be no demonstrations after August," he said added.

His remarks were echoed by Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, who told Raila and his allies to begin preparing to go home and watch others lead the country.

Kilifi governor Amason Kingi told Kenyans not to elect Raila, on grounds that he has no solution to their problems. He said that Ruto is the man who deserves their votes and the best to lead them.

Raila is not new to rejecting poll results and has blamed three of his four defeats on rigging. He has also been seen telling his supporters to go out and demonstrate after some of his defeats.

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