Zora: Finally Zora Has Confessed Her True Love Feelings To Madiba

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In today's episode Zora will call Madiba, they are angry and Madiba will ask Zora to meet so they can end everything between them.

Madiba will be at the park waiting for Zora and after few minutes Zora will be there. Madiba and Zora will come close and their feeling towards each other will arise. Zora will tell Madiba that she missed him so much and Madiba will reply back that he missed Zora too. Zora will also tell Madiba that she love him and Madiba will also say she loves her too. Then Zora will ask Madiba for forgiveness for ruining his wedding and saying that she don't love him Infront of his family. Zora assures Madiba that he is the man she loves but he didn't fight for her because she is still with Fella. Madiba will be surprised because he did everything for Zora but she chased him away.

Zora will ask Madiba to do anything to be away from Fella because she loves him and she is nothing without Madiba.

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