If The Police Service Cannot Deal With What we Saw, Then We Don't Have A Police Service - Randy Abbey


A media consultant and the current host of 'Good Morning Ghana' on Metro television, Dr. Randy Abbey, has revealed that if the Ghana Police Service in the Ashanti region couldn't deal with the protest we saw at Ejura, then we don't have a police service.

Randy Abbey made this statement in today's episode of 'Good Morning Ghana' when he reacted to the Ashanti Regional Minister's comment that he called for the military reinforcement at Ejura.

According to him, it is not about what the military has and what the police don't have, but what matters is the efficiency of the police service.

"What I'm saying is that looking at what we saw at Ejura, what is it about the protesters that they are telling us the police in Ashanti region cannot deal with it, so they have to call two military pick-ups? If the police in the Ashanti region can't deal with what we saw, then we don't have a police service." He said

He added that we all saw what happened at Ejura on video, so if the minister says the basis for calling the military is what we all saw, then a serious question must be asked about the police service in the Ashanti region.

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