Check some health benefits of bitter kola nuts

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Bitter kola nuts may help to improve the immune system.

Bitter kola nuts have a concentration of antioxidants which is a term that counteracts free radicals.

2. The but may improve the function of the lungs. Results from research conducted in addition with several Nigerian universities showed that bitter kola nut has a positive effect on the lungs and can improve ventilation levels.

3. Extracts of the plant have also been studied in relation to asthma and there is the suggestion that bitter kola nuts are very essential for a better health condition.

4. Bitter kola nuts have antibacterial qualities. A study published in the science journal of microbial has shown that biter kola has antibacterial properties which fight against bacteria.

5. Bitter kola nuts may help for better eyesight.

Glaucoma is a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball. It is shown that bitter kola nuts help reduce such problems.

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