Sakaja's fate sealed by commission for university education.

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Sakaja stood cleared by IEBC untill yesterday 30th when the Commission for University Education wrote to IEBC withdrawing its recognition of his degree from TEAMS.

The commissions chief executive had earlier certified his certificate when he first appeared to present his nomination papers for clearance. It later revoked its recognition after four members of the public filed a petition challenging his clearance.

The commission gave him a chance to responds to the claims and had written to him requiring him to give oral or written presentation of his academic transcripts, admission letter,fees receipts and a graduation photo but he failed.

According to the letter,a graduate of 2016 the university revealed that the university had no offer for online studies at the time when sakaja claimed to have studied and graduated online. The university was not offering the management program at that time.

In the letter dated 29th June,the commission also notes sakajas failure to declare his degree certificate from the Ugandan varsity when he vied for senator.

All this new findings now means that unless Sakaja files appeal challenging the commissions decision,his degree recognition stands revoked. The commission now wants electoral commission to revoke Sakajas clearance.

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