Maria Series: Pupa True Love Words To Maggie While in Jail.


Pupa who is a ghetto guy confesses his love to Maggie. When Pupa with a flower on his hand appeared to the cell where Maggie, Salome and Sandra confined, Salome asked him why he was there. He did not answer back Salome's question.

Pupa was brief and straight to the agenda of love. He started directly featuring the theme of love. He told Maggie that when someone makes love to a ghetto guy it shows love existed before then but it was silent. He loved her before but he was finding it hard to say.

Salome asked Pupa if he was right mind. Sandra laughed at Pupa saying that ghetto people also can express line of love.

Pupa said that he don't care about what people are saying outside world about Maggie. He was open to Maggie that his love to him was so geniune. He told Maggie that people says she is bad lady.

Sandra was also touched with Pupa last words and asked Maggie to give Pupa a chance. Maggie rose up and went to Pupa to receive flowers. Taking flowers from Pupa, was enough sign of accepting a proposal from Pupa. Salome remained silent for Maggie's decision.

Maggie was so emotional about the love expression Pupa showed. Afterwards prison police guards told Pupa to go at Uhuru to do love things. Do you think Pupa is lying with all this seriousness?