Worse Tricks Used by Politicians to Erase Their Dark History


Politicians are reportedly hiring hackers to have damning reports, including proceedings of corruption cases, erased from online platforms.

Administrators of webpages that have negative profiles of personalities either eyeing elective posts or government jobs in new administrators expected in country and national level after elections have been warned to be vigilant about the criminal project to eliminate the digital footprint of the damning content.

With integrity scrutiny for key government jobs inclusive of online- sourced memorandums during interview sessions as well as muck- racking by rivals in election campaigns expected to intensify, so is the racket to compromise negative online publications.

So high are the stakes that some of the personalities are reported to be paying bribes of between Ksh200,000 and Ksh2 million to have just one report deleted.

Aspirants and those seeking for public appointments should have a certificate of good conduct from the DCI and clearance by the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission. However, the DCI has no role given in most instances the administrators of those sites are being compromised and voluntarily pull down the offending posts.

In most cases, these people are approaching the authorised administrators of the websites as well as blog owners, where they pay to have the information blacked out. Under such circumstances where the publisher is the one who has been compromised to pull down the information, there is very little we can do.

TomWed operanews-external@opera.com