Krg the Don Comes Clean on having Edgar Obare's Account Missing

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Netizens yesterday were left in utter shock and dismay after the account of his royal teaness , Edgar Obare went missing on Instagram .This was after Buzzroom Kenya reported on their page that the tea master's page was no longer available to serve some piping hot tea to its thirsty loyal fans .

Many were left speculating what might be behind the account missing following an almost similar incident last year where his account was deactivated as a result of an exposé he did about the big names in the industry that consequentially led to his brother being allegedly kidnapped by the said persons.

However, this did not deter Obare from his mission and goal of washing the dirty linen of your favorite celebrities in public through another account dubbed Bnn-ke which is the account that has gone missing .

In recent developments, upcoming artist Krg the Don has now come out to take credit for the disappearance of the account through a story that he posted on Instagram.

The rapper and the tea master seemingly don't meet eye to eye , with the numerous stories tied to the former being reported on Bnn like his scandal with his now estranged wife among infidelity claims from both parties .

"I said I will delete Bnn for this planet , they thought I was joking .Who is laughing now," the rapper wrote .But the ardent followers of Obare believe without an iota of doubt that their tea master will be back stronger than ever to serve them more hot tea .

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