Cartoon Comedian Launches A New Business., Congratulations.


Akinyi Vanessa popularly known as cartoon comedian is a stand up comedian,content creator,script writer and a business lady.She is a 'ghetto' girl born and brought up in Nairobi’s Kayole where she credits her crafts and creativity to. She is vocal about her love for her parent who have always been supportive of her and her work.

The year 2020 was a hard year to many due to Covid-19 crisis but that was not the case for cartoon comedian as the year brought her good tidings as she was able to make her name known among Kenyans through her work.

Cartoon's rise to the limelight was after she shot a video of her having an episode with her 'boyfriend' who allegedly speaks too much English and yet she is a girl from the ghetto used to speaking Sheng’. In the video she says to him that his English “inaniaffect.. Inanisuffocate”. The video got many Kenyans cracked up and shared it widely.Since then she released more videos drawing most of her inspiration from life as a ghetto girl and the daily occurrences in the local towns.

Lately cartoon have introduced her new business "Kastoma wardrobe" located at Moi avenue Nairobi, venus mall ground floor shop 5 on her social media pages and asked her fans to check it out.

Its always great to see people grow and make progress in life,Congratulations Cartoon Comedian on your new project may it flourish.

Check out what is available on Kastomaa wardrobe as she posted this evening on her facebook page: