Why Do 99% Of People Who Attend Church Service Naturally Avoid Sitting On The Front Row Seats?


Nigeria is indeed a religious country and everyone wants to associate with one religion or the other, either Christianity or Islam.

The big question is: "why do 99% of people who attend church service naturally avoid sitting on the front row seat"? This was asked by a Facebook user identified as Ode Agabi.

This questions however sparked alot of reactions and responses from different people who decided to share their views on the subject matter.

Dear reader, have you ever thought of why most christians ignore sitting at the front row during Sunday service but prefer to sit at the back? Before you share your thoughts about it, let me share my reasons with you first, check them out:

1. Disturbance: I feel most people don't like sitting in the front row or seat because they don't want people stepping on them when going out to drop offerings.

2. Most people I think don't want the pastor to used them as example during sermon or asked to pray or asked questions.

3. Some people love to sleep alot, mostly during sermons and so are scared not to sleep off as usual.

4. Some are noise makers and always never feel comfortable when they just sit for 2 hours without talking to someone.

5. Some ladies like to wear very short mini skirt or dresses, and so sitting in the front row will entice the pastor, elders or choristers who stand in the front to minister.

6. Some people I can say are busy bodies who will always like to move about mostly to show themselves.

7. Funny enough some christian folks don't want the drama is unforseen offering or donation, especially when they don't have offering.

8. Some people are supervisors who will like to see everyone and everything from the back of the seat.

From the f Facebook post, see other people's responses below and drop yours too:

"I seat at the first or second row in the church. If I decide to seat at the back, I may not concentrate during the service. Even if I'm late for the service, I don't seat at the back, unless those seats are filled up or it's my first time of attending the church and because I may be shy of walking down to the first or second row, I can decide to seat somewhere else."

"In case you want to quickly sneak out, it can be easier."

"I love the front seat Sha, even if I come late I will still go to the front."

"First row always makes me feel like I'm the guest speaker or one of the elders."

Well, with all of the responses from people, some people I think lack confidence and courage to sit in the front row because of the fear of self exposure.

Most people feel and think the church is boring. Do they do same at football centres and other places they find interesting?

Drop your comment below and share this post with others to hear their view about it.

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