Maria: Luwi Proposes To Maria


Luwi and Maria were out enjoying some mangoes then Luwi tells Maria that he is so sad that he should be the one providing and doing everything for her because he is the man. He says that the situation was opposite because Maria was the one taking care of him and his family. Maria assures him that she understands everything and whichever life God has set for them she will be contented as long as they love each other.

Maria tells Luwi that she feels so bad that the environment at ghetto was not conducive for William's recovery. She tells him that she knows that they are used to living at the mansion therefore they should go back their. She expresses her fear that Pupa might not accept the proposal because the wealth also belonged to him.

In the process, Pupa shows up smiling,he asks them why they were speaking about him. Maria tells him about her proposal and he gladly accepts. Maria is surprised but he tells them that he had confessed his love to Maggie.

While preparing to move back to the mansion,Luwi shouts that there was something wrong with his fathers leg but he was only pretending. When everyone rushes to check, Luwi kneels down and proposes to Maria with a ring he had hidden in his father's leg. Maria is so happy and she accepts to marry him.

Everyone is happy but William says that he is disappointed with Luwi for using his leg and scaring him.