Health Department faced with task to convince country's Citizens to vaccine quickly.

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The pandemic that has fallen to the world is still in full swing. Since it's emergence in 2019 from China, the countries of the world have embarked in several national lockdowns which were to safeguard that country's citizens.

Although this national lockdowns has disrupted the lives of the citizen's day to day activities. Intra and inter traveling and international traveling were prohibited and well, that had economic impacts on the country's generation of revenues. Mass gatherings were also on the list of the banned things; political campaigns, football gatherings, friday chill outs and any fun activities were restricted.

Other measures to try to control the sread of the virus included virtual awareness encouraging people to were mask, keep social distancing, avoid crowded areas, cough on flexed elbow and visit medical centers when one suspect that they have symptoms of Covid19.

After all the struggles with the virus and trying to limit and curb it's spread, scientists started evaluating the possibility of creating vaccine within a short period of time after the break out of the virus. Some vaccines were manufactured and used but later reported to be either ineffective or having faults.

Other vaccines such as Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna, mRNA vaccines, Viral Vector Vaccines, Abdala and AstraZeneca vaccines were developed to combat the virus and it's rapid spread.

People have been questioning the introduction of these vaccines in terms of their manufacturing efficiency and efficacy. This has been questioned in comparison with the time it took to develop other vaccines for previous epidemics and pandemics.

Now, the mountain of challenge in South Africa and surely other parts of the world is, trying to get people to vaccinate. With reference to South Africa, is the country's health department doing enough to get people to vaccinate? Or is the country failing to convince some people who do not believe in the vaccines to vaccinate?

It seems like the government is not reaching their set goals and number of people they wanted to vaccinate by a certain period. Are there any shortage of vaccination sites or the medical centers are overwhelmed?

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