Fikile Mbalula Becomes A Laughing Stock As He Posts This Photo


ANC top member and minister of transport, Fikile Mbalula becomes a laughing stock after he posted a photo on social media showing how he is dealing with Johannesburg's cold weather.

While for many, Eskom's loadshedding has further inflicted more misery to the already freezing weather, Mbalula seem to be taking it as a joke.

He posted a photo wearing a woollen hat and a matching woollen jersey inside the jacket as he says that's how he is dealing with Johannesburg's cold weather.

"Uyayazi ibotyo: Johannesburg cold is being dealt with here accordingly," he said.


Mbalula was obviously not ready for the comments he received as they were not favourable at all.

"Ummm Mbalula how old are you now? You're getting old," some asked with a little bit of sarcasm of course.

"You look your age today," some critics pulled his leg since he always refer to himself as young and as Mr Razzmatazz, the flamboyant minister.

"Why do you look like my grandmother sir? A Twitter user asked.

Some social critics said Fikile Mbalula is talking exactly from a position of privilege while many South Africans are in reality greatly affected by loadshedding and the cold weather makes it worse.