We Don't Have Any Business With Covid-19 In Kogi State, I Won't Take The Vaccine -Governor Bello


Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello has revealed in an interview with Channels TV that he won't take the covid-19 vaccine which recently arrived in Nigeria according to Naija News

The Governor made it clear that he is perfectly fine and doesn't need any vaccine, adding that he won't allow himself to be used as a guinea pig.

He stated that there are other pressing issues to be attended to in Kogi State rather than covid-19. Governor Yahaya Bello however said he won't stop anyone in the state from taking the vaccine if the Federal Government is generous enough to come give the people of his state.

"COVID-19 is not our business in Kogi State. We have more pertinent issues and more pertinent matters that we are attending to in Kogi State. Insecurity we met, we’ve tackled it and several others. Disunity we met on ground and we have united Kogi State today not COVID-19", the Governor had said.

Recall that Governor Yahaya Bello did not lockdown Kogi State during the national lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic as he said it was not necessary.

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