James Brown And 6 Other Celebrities Who Wore Green And White To Mark Nigeria's Independence Day

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Some Nigerian celebs have stepped out in style to commemorate the country's Independence Day. Celebrities have decided to add color to the celebration by donning the national colors in honor of Nigeria's sixty-first birthday.

In this article, I will show you six Nigerian celebrities who rocked green and white outfits to celebrate Nigeria's independence.

1. James Brown:

James Brown, a well-known Nigerian cross dresser, shared some lovely images of himself dressed in Nigerian garb to commemorate the occasion.

2. Jackie B:

Jackie isn't left out on this special day; she even dressed up in Nigerian-themed clothing to commemorate the event. With the outfits, she appears to be stunning.

3. Cynthia Nwadiora:

Cee C, popularly known as Cynthia Nwadiora, also wore a nice dress to commemorate the momentous occasion. Take a look at Cee C's intriguing shot. In the photo, she appears to be attractive and stunning.

4. Annie Idibia:

Annie Idibia used her Instagram account to showcase cute photos of herself donning bright clothing in honor of Independence Day. In her green and white ensemble, the celebrity exudes sophistication.

5. Michael:

Michael advised Nigerians to love and care for one another tenderly. As he honored Nigeria's 61st year of independence, Michael said that Nigeria is a powerful country.

6. Ka3na:

Yesterday, Ka3na dazzled the audience with her flamboyant and colorful clothing. The reality star has a wonderful and attractive appearance. This lovely celebrity's adorable photo may be found below.

7. Bovi:

Bovi, a well-known Nigerian comedian, was spotted wearing a green and white suit. Bovi, who is gifted with a variety of talents, took the time to commemorate the occasion and shared images with his supporters.

What is your opinion on this? Which of these celebrities' outfits is your favorite? Drop your opinion by clicking on the comment button below.

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