The Mystery Of Chinese Bamboo Tree


Chinese Bamboo Tree. This bamboo tree are found in the middle East of China. It is growed /plant by its self.

When someone plants it,it remains in the soil until it fifth year before it begins to grow from the soil.

Even before it can grow, you must nurture it from the first day you planted it. You must watered it all these five years. Imaging someone or a neighbor of yours everyday watering the group for five years just for a bamboo tree and nothing is showing up. How will you rate such a person.

Some of us, our lives are related to this of Chinese Bamboo Tree. We are busying trying to create something out, but it seems we are working in vain. It is not that we are lazy or weak. We may even had putting much of our effort in it but as the bamboo tree, nothing is showing up. Others will be judging you in their own way, without them being in your shoes. Some will be mocking at you.

But at a point where all hope seems to be lost, is where the ground where the seed was planted starts to change. Is where the seed start to uproot from the ground.

On the fifth year the tree starts to grow. Within four weeks after the fifth year, it grows into 40--50 feets tall making it one of the tallest tree in the world.

Today, I don't know what you have planted that has taken a long time to start growing, all l want to tell you is to have patience.