SHS: Ten Misconceptions about SHS Life We Were Made to Believe As Children. (Opinion)


1.Senior Housemasters are the most friendly authorities in the school.

This is one of the notions teachers and parents put in the small heads of first year students. How can a Senior House Master be friendly. 90% of students and alumni of the various SHS do not end the narration of their life in SHS without adding that wicked senior housemaster. Senior Housemasters are the Pharoahs of every Ghanaian students. There are very few exceptions.

2.Dining Hall foods are very nutritious and too sweet.

A very big lie!! Dining hall foods are more or less like foods served to prison inmates. How can you call rice and soup with no protein nutritious? What about the watery porridge with stale bread? Nevertheless, there is always this single special food that everyone rush to the dining hall for.

3.The toilet facilities are very neat.

It is the most disgusting facility you would intend to ever see after visiting there for the first time. However, as time goes on, you will be used to the place. The worse event that a SHS student could ever experience is when one is assigned to work at that place. What about when your money or any valuable item of yours fall down.

4.Less manual work is done in SHS.

Senior High School work is or duty is a communal labor that is done every single day and inspected thoroughly thereafter. Period!

5.Churchgoing is not compulsory.

My friend, it is very very compulsory. If you do not ever want to be suspended or punished, then go to any religious gathering if possible. It becomes worse when you go to one of these denominational schools.

6.Teachers do not come to class.

They come to class like their life depends on them. They come on time and walk silently to the extent that you do not notice that they have entered. Whenever they do not come to class, they send =their fellow teacher to come and give an assignment.

7.There are few topics to study.

Textbooks in SHS are like five advanced dictionary combined.

8.WASSCE is very simple

It is a big lie. If you will learn, start learning. I am on my knees. Experience is the best teacher.

9.If you go to a category A school, then you will be a great person.

Almost 70% of the great people in the world did not go to a Category A school for your information.

10.You can visit any school you want.

Have you ever heard of exeats? If your answer is no, then I am glad to tell you that it is like filling forms to get passport. If you know, you know.