Recent Attire Rocked By Chacha Eke & Her Family, You Might Consider Sewing

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Popular Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke is among the celebrities who love fashion. She is a fashionista, a mother, a model and a beauty queen.

Chacha makes sure her family always appears lovely because she knows the worth of fashion. In today's update, we will be looking at two inspiring things to learn from the above attire.

1 . The color and texture of the material

The above color and texture of the material perfectly fits her skin tone. The material is a unique Igbo appearance that should inspire the Igbo's because it represents their culture.

When an individual is seen rocking a traditional attire, it means her or she is proud of their state. The texture and color of the above fabric is top-notch and unique.

2 . Her choice of makeup, beads and head tie.

Chacha Eke's head tie and makeup, helped in enhancing her beauty. The beads on her neck and wrist symbolizes royalty. Her husband is seen wearing a black cap because it's also part of the Igbo attire.

Their choice of style is perfect and the color of fabric enhanced the physical appearance. As a fashionista, it is expected of you to be creative when it comes to fashion.

What do you have to say about the above outfit. If you have any observation and opinion to share, kindly share via the comment box below after reading.

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