Good News Football Fans, Wenger's New Proposed Football Rules Set to be Adopted


Fifa President Gianni Infantino confirmed that they were adopting a new rule in football that was proposed by Arsenal's longest serving manager Arsene Wenger.

The chief of global football development, the 70 year old has a responsibility to come up with laws that can improve the sports worldwide.

"We have been seeing that maybe we can think about a new law which allows a bit more attack in football," said Infantino. Arsene Wenger presented it to us this morning. Our role at IFAB is making football more attractive without changing its nature. We have seen, maybe, a new law which allows a bit more attack.” Infantino said as reported by the Mirror

Together with FA Board, he came up with an offside rule and how it should be interpreted.

The offside rule will only be applicable if a part of a player's nobody which he can use for scoring is ahead of the defender.

This means a player won't be judged to be getting an advantage if his whole arm (up to armpit) is ahead of an opposing player.

Infantino however did not mention where they will first be tried in terms of country or league.