2 Important Entities That Uhuru Didn't Mention While Revising The COVID-19 Protocols


The head of state president Uhuru Kenyatta has addressed the Nation today while revising the COVID-19 protocols across the country as he heightened to restrictions to the 13 Western Region adversely affected counties with the COVID-19.


The country's boss informed that the fight against the global pandemic of COVID-19 is both social as well as the health challenge that seeks to create an instinct social environment to curb the spread of the pandemic across the country.

In enforcing the COVID-19 protocols, president Uhuru Kenyatta directed that funerals shall be conducted within a timeline of 96 hours after the confirmation of death. Attendance was consequently limited to a maximum of 100 persons.

He also extended the national wide curfew of 10pm to 4am for further 60 days. The 13 COVID-19 affected counties from Western region have been directed to continue observing the 7pm to 4am until 31st July

President Uhuru also delivered a message of hope to Kenyans as he revealed that by the end of this year, the Ministry of Health would have vaccinated over 10M adults.

However, it has also been noted that president Uhuru Kenyatta didn't mention the restrictions pertaining the Clubs, Bars and eateries as they shall still continue to observe the already laid down COVID-19 protocols.

What is your opinion on the President Uhuru Kenyatta's state address?

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