'Maybe KWID should stop making cars' Mnzasi react after seeing this accident. Look what happened

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Mzansi people react after seeing the accident of KWID and bakkie.

According to the source, the bakkie was not driving at a high speed to such an extent that it could cause more damage to this KWID car. The speed from bakkie was estimated to be 90 to 100. This shows that KWID is not making cars of good quality.

Small crush then it looks like rolled papers, KWID must upgrade their quality on their cars if they still want to supply them to people. People using small cars are also warned to drive at speed because one mistake the rest is history.

However, Mnzasi didn't let this one pass like that, they started mocking KWID. Vodka said, "What did you expect from a car that can be Jumpstarted with a power bank". Some people also complain about the high-speed small cars have, they suggest it be revoked, at least their maximum speed should be 130.

Share your experience with such small cars. Can you recommend them to others to buy or not, and why?. Let's check what other people say on Twitter.


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My source https://twitter.com/danielmarven/status/1486791092662112264?t=88sL5HZxS5UppzP_xeBXbA&s=19

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