"Do You Know Her?" Search For Family Of A Young Girl Who Has Managed To Escape From Kidnappers


Photo of a young girl who has managed to escape from hands of kidnappers has been shared on Facebook as efforts to trace her family are ongoing.

According to information shared on Facebook, the little girl pictured in the post managed to escape from kidnappers' hands. She is currently in Mombasa, Sparki Msikiti wa Abu Hamza area.

Screenshot of a post on Facebook

Cases of children trafficking and kidnapping have increased in recent days. It is our responsibility as a society to ensure we take necessary precautions and focus on safety and security of our family members. Security Officers need to also try their best and ensure those involved in kidnapping are arrested and charged before court. We thank God for rescuing the girl.

If you might have any information concerning the parents of the girl's parents, kindly reach them so that they might reunite.

Help in sharing this post until we trace the girl's parents. Thank you in advance.

Olusabeti kenya_public@operanewshub.com