Many pastors come to me a traditional healer for Muthi but they hide it

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Sunday night's episode of Amabishop dealt with a topic that is sure to get people talking. Host Nimrod stated that by popular demand they brought part 2 of the African spirituality vs Christianity.

Part 1 of the show had three pastors on the panel, two of which are also traditional healers. Both men were on hand to stress that African spirituality and Christianity can intermingle stating that christianity is used to create honest traditional healers. Meaning that a traditional healer is able to admit defeat when a certain patient issue is beyond their power instead of dragging the person along.

One pastor, who calls himself professor Khehlelezi of a Zionist church and is also a traditional healer stated that he prays to God for the muthi to work. He also stated that while praying a voice can come to her telling him to not give the person muthi but water and other things that he has in his pharmacy.

He also stated that Christians have never seen biblical figures but he has seen his ancestors. He stated that as children we are brought up in a church following our family traditions only for others to come and tell us that we are supposed to abandon our grandparents simply because we now drive cars.

He also claimed that there are many pastors who come to him for muthi but then turn around and tell their congregation not to do the same. He said pastors should not be afraid of muthi. He also stated that he works with medical doctors who often refer their patients to him when they can heal them.

Pastor Muzi, also a traditional healer stated that he does not worship his ancestors but rather he honours them. He stated that he worships God.

Pastor Pride insisted that people should not take the bible literally but to see it as a symbol.

After part 1 it appeared that the traditional healers had won the argument with Pastor Pride not offering anything substantial to the arguments being raised.

Part 2 added two new pastors to the panel and one traditional healer. The professor did not appear on the panel.

The new traditional healer who called himself Doctor Moremi insisted that he also believed in God who created the plants and the herbs that we use to cure people. He claimed he is like Jesus in that what Jesus did he is also doing. He claimed that the difference between him and Jesus is the fact that Jesus had scribes who wrote down his works.

Pastor Matshepo rejected the assertion that the two beliefs can co exist. She supported the rejection by stating that the two beliefs are anchored in faith. She stated that humans are inherently a faith people supporting this by stating that before a person sits they don't check the chair's stability nor do they require a safety certificate. They merely have faith that it will support them. She stated that when a person is young she can believe in the culture they are brought up in and even have faith in it but when an evangelist brings Christianity she leaves the culture and follows her own. She stated that people should understand the god they choose and how the god wants to be served. She stated that the Christian god commands people to serve no other god.

Pastor Muzi who is one of the traditional healers in part one stated that traditional healers don't get their powers from the devil. He brought back an earlier argument that stated that traditional healers should be Christian in their African spirituality so they can be honest traditional healers. He believes that they and medical doctors are all doctors.

Doctor Moremi stated that there are no Tsonga names in the Bible and that the figures in the Bible are the ancestors of foreign people and African people have their own. Pastor Katleho stated that all spirits come from God and that the most important question is whether the use of those spirits is glorifying God.

Pastor Matshepo went back to insist that Christ is the only mediator to God and that people should not worship other gods.

An interesting debate and one that will surely have a third part. What do you guys think?

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