I have removed my hands from anything concerning a fine boy, l can't fight again, Lady says on FB


Reactions flew in after man posted his pictures in search of love and this has caused mixed feelings.

The young man who goes by the name of Somtyh Prince on Facebook made a post about searching for a girlfriend. He said hey soulmate, it's only you that still haven't sent me a direct message so I can be able to locate you.

This post sparked different reactions from his followers as they noticed that he was neatly dressed and had his car in the background.

Many girls showed interest immediately while others were cautioned about dating a boy that looks handsome and has a business he is doing.

Some responses got our attention which we would bring to you before uploading the reactions.

(1) wow, future kids your super ma and sweet daddy ever is about to locate mummy, the king I can't wait to see you around me and our lovely future kids.

(2) seriously a guy like you shouldn't look for a soulmate. Intact soulmate should have found your address and have located you.

(3) fine boys are heart breakers beware of them.

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