A millionaire visited the guy who was being embarrassed by his best friend for wearing fake Nike

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After being embarrassed by his best friend for wearing fake nice airforce at a party they attended, a good hearted businessman promised him brand new Jordans and new Nike airforce.

On Saturday he went out partying when his friend started singing "A siyona, airforce a siyona!!" in front of people he was singing proudly and shaming a poor brother.

People shouldn't put pressure on other young brothers, backgrounds are not the same, some are rich and some are not. People should learn to mind their own business and let other people enjoy their lives.

People can't enjoy their own lives without being pressured by society, the video of the young man went viral as the guy was singing that humiliating song.

The video touched people who have good hearts, though to buy the young man original sneakers, instead of laughing at him for wearing fake. Laughing can end someday with sadness.

People shouldn't laugh but help those who can't afford, when you laugh it means the person should end up stealing to afford that standard.


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