Mudavadi's ANC Party Receives Major Boost As MP Launches Member Recruitment And Receives Defectors


Vihiga Constituency Member of parliament Hon Ernest Kagesi today officially kicked off ANC party mass recruitment exercise at the Vihiga Sub-county party offices.

He said they are targeting to recruit over 20,000 new members in the exercise. 

In his speech,he urged all the delegates to go door to door and ensure all eligible voters are registered into the party.

Kagesi was joined by the ANC Party National Chairperson Mr. Kevin Lunani, County SG kaisha William, and sub-county chairmen including Elius onyango- Sabatia, Koki Kweya-Luanda, Isaya Ngaira-Hamisi and Noah Ujango-Vihiga

The event saw detectors from other parties join ANC Party and pledged to stand firm and support Hon Musalia Mudavadi for president and Hon Kagesi for a second term as MP.


In his final remarks, the lawmaker reiterated on the need of the people of Vihiga to continue observing MOH Covid 19 guidelines since our region is marked as a hotspot for the Virus.