Chebukati In a Hot Soup As A Lawyer Raises Fresh Allegations On Ballot Papers

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(Photo courtesy, Layer Ekuru Aukot)

By Fredrick Ameka.

Lawyer Ekuru Aukot has raised new allegations on IEBC ahead of August general polls. The lawyer claims the nomination of presidential candidates was not conducted in accordance with the law. Auko says a letter was written to IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati to stop the printing process of ballot papers. "On the day before yesterday(Tuesday 5th July) we managed to convince justice Antony Murima that the Presidential nomination process was illegal. We wrote to Chebukati yesterday(Wednesday July 6th) and we told him you must stop the printing of the ballot papers."

Addressing the media on Thursday July 7th at Nairobi, lawyer Auko said he is surprised about the arrival of ballot papers in the country. Auko claims Chebukati responded to his letter sent to IEBC on Wednesday but couldn't respond previous ones. "Surprisingly now there is breaking news that the ballot papers are already here. Surprisingly also he responded to our letter yet he could not respond to another one on the 5th and on the 9th (June). He(Chebukati) has the time to respond to our letter which was written yesterday on the fact that, the Presidential ballot papers should not be printed." Aukot said.

(Photo courtesy, IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati)

Further, the lawyer also raised allegations that Ballot papers are supposed to be printed 60 days before the election date. According to the lawyer that's how the law states and therefore, questions should be raised on when Chebukati printed the ballot papers. "Ballot papers must be printed 60 days before the election. So when did chebukati print this ballot papers. That's the law, it's not Auko who is saying it." Aukot posed. However, the IEBC received the first bunch of ballot papers on Thursday July 07th ahead of August general polls.

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