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Praying the with the names of God is a powerful way to pray. As we call on the Lord and pray with the names of God, we infuse the very essence of God into our prayers. We declare the truth of who God is, and proclaim his power and strength in our lives. Why is this so important? Because declaring the truth of God through his Word is a powerful weapon of warfare against the enemy. 

Most often, when we come before God, we call Him “Lord” or “Heavenly Father,” but God has a name! The Bible mentions multiple names of God, and you need to know them because names are important and meaningful.

In biblical times, names were considered to reveal a person’s character or trait and were chosen with great care. For example, if parents named their child Joy, they expected their child to be joyful. We can see this in (Genesis 17:5) when God renamed Abram to Abraham, which means “Father of many” after God told Abram would father many nations.

Some names were also chosen due to circumstances surrounding the child’s birth. Such as Abraham and Sarah, who named their son Isaac (to laugh) because they both laughed when God said they would have a child in Genesis 17:17, Genesis 18:12 respectively.

Also, Eli’s daughter-in-law named her son Ichabod which means “no glory” for the Philistines had captured the Ark of God, and Eli and her husband had been killed (1 Samuel 4:21). But names also had simple meanings. For example, Isaac and Rebekah named their first-born Esau (hairy) because he was born hairy (Genesis 25:25).

Likewise, the names of God reveal His character and nature. When we pray His different names, we meditate on Who He is and see Him in a more personal way. It deepens our relationship with Him and enhances our prayer life.

I once did a study on the different names of God and then learned how to pray with them. It was refreshing, powerful, and I experienced greater intimacy with God. Check out the names you can call God in your prayers.

I hope you will try praying these names of God and that the experience will be enriching. Let me know in the comments if you do! 

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