Lukaku and Ronaldo in Italian Jersey - What if Players represent Countries where they're Playing in?

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There are a lot of Players at the moment that are very far from home and are plying their trade in another Country.

The transfer of Players across the top European Leagues has made it easier for Players to leave their home club or the club where they graduated as Academy Players to another clubs where they have always dreamed of playing for.

An example of that was Eden Hazard's move to Real Madrid. The 30-year-old was loved by many Chelsea Fans but when Real Madrid came calling, it was a dream come true for the Belgium international as it had always been his life dream to play at Real Madrid.

It's natural that you find Players of certain Nationality concentrated in their own League. The English Players playing in the English premier league are more than the foreign Players just like how there a lot of Players that are Spain Nationals playing in the Spanish La Liga.

Although, it's just a figment of imagination but what if Players are representing Countries where they are playing in? We'll see Players like Christiano Ronaldo and Romelo Lukaku who are both playing in the Serie A donning the Italian National team jersey for International Matches.

Players like Sadio Mane who represent Senegal and Sergio Aguero who represent Argentina will be playing for England because they are playing in the English premier league.

Neymar Jr and Angel Di Maria in France National team jersey.

Antoine Griezmann and Luiz Suarez in Spain National team Shirt.

Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland in Germany National team jersey.

Which country do you think will be packed with a lot of top class football Players if it were to be like that?

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