Opinion: Why DP Ruto Would Have A Mighty Entrant In Nyanza Of Raila Odinga Supported His Ambitions


Political observes will tell you that a unity between Raila Odinga and the deputy president William Ruto is unstoppable. Clearly there are indications that possibly Uhuru Kenyatta might to some extent work with the deputy president William Ruto ahead of 2022 something that can lead to mighty political entrants to their political bases especially given they both enjoy massive support in the country.

As well political pundits and close political observers will tell you that William Ruto entrant in Nyanza region incase he united with Raila Odinga ahead of 2022 would be mighty. If Raila Odinga Supported William Ruto in 2022 clearly the reception of DP Ruto in Nyanza province would shake the earth and any political formation in the country. This is for the fact reason that this two leaders enjoy the support of majority the people.

Already the deputy president William Ruto is sure and fully aware that he has some support in Nyanza province who however consider supporting Raila Odinga for political reasons as well political survival. Therefore clearly an entrant of William Ruto in Kisumu or any part of Nyanza when together united with Raila Odinga would definately send Uhuru Kenyatta to the drawing board in matters his political calculations.

Raila Odinga already seemingly is determined to work with Raila Odinga as was recently confirmed by various ODM leaders among them Wickliffe Oparanya and Oburu Odinga. Therefore as politics is all about interest as opposed to personal differences, expect a might entrant of DP Ruto in Nyanza if Raila Odinga accepts to work with him.

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