The Islamic Community Loses Another Prominent Sheikh This Morning


The Islamic community have lost another prominent Mallam. Ginola Barhama Kogi broke the news on his Facebook page,

He wrote

"The love of Sheikh Ibrahim Niassè has subjugated our heart, soul and has penetrated into our body. Whenever you have a glimpse on us, you will remember Sheikh Ibrahim Niassè and verily, I'm in the capital city of Ghana (Accra) but ironically, my heart is being pledged with Sheikh Ibrahim Niassè in Kaolack.

Sheikh Mohammad Salis Shaban has rendered spiritual garden of pleasure whiles he was alive and he (Baye Salis Shaban) has achieved this great favour through the magnificence of his beloved (Baye Niassè). Verily, he reaped the profit of his heartfelt servitude towards the spiritual flood of Tijaniya (Faidha) and the owner of the divine flood (Sheikh Ibrahim Niassè).

My encounter with Sheikh Salis Shaban came through the determination and assiduous effort of his unparalleled servant (Yariman Yussif) and that day, I was totally amazed on what I saw as an attestation to the fact that he (Sheikh Salis Shaban) is a friend of Allah (Waliy) and an obvious aftercomer of Sheikh Ibrahim Niassè and I really sniffed a wind of success by his grace and benevolence on that day.

He prayed to me with vigor, and after the prayers (Sheikh Salis) asked me about my occupation, which I answered by saying "I'm a student at the university," he smiled and then asked me to open my loof (Which I diligently executed as ordered by him). He prayed and expectorated it on my palm and ordered me to lick it and after that Sheikh said to me "Abdullahi, you will never fail your examinations."

Indeed words can never express our grievances because we have lost a pillar who spreads his magnificence to all and sundry and he (Sheikh Shaban) set it flowing as a result, even the lower class and top notches in the Nima, Togo and Benin communities obtained it.

May Allah continues to bless his sactified soul and make his grave one amongst the abodes of paradise. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, companions and servants.

Allah Yajinkan Sidi Aliou Al-Faidha together with his consanguineous father, Alhaji Abdullahi Ahmad Maikano Jallo Dicko."