Gone too Soon: Famous News Anchor Joins Friend in Mourning

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We never wish and dream to die or someone else to. But death is a respecter of no man as it takes away the lives of both the poor and the rich and we can never run away from it. If we could only bribe death then most of our loved ones could be alive by now but we all know that to live is a privilege but to die is a must. Unfortunately, no one knows when and where death will come knocking at our doorsteps.

It is so sad and painful as our beloved Citizen news anchor Waihiga Mwaura has been thrown into deep mourning. This is after the death of Baby Etana Marie Nyanje. He took to his Instagram page and announced the sudden death. He wrote,

"Rest with the angels baby Etana. The best is what i had for you mama but you have attained perfection with Jesus the Lord. I love you my princess."

We send our heartfelt condolences to the family members during this hard time. May the soul of the late rest in peace. Dance with the angels Princess Etana.

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