The Amara Antelope Of The Amazon

Over the years most animals have been exposed to human threats mainly through poaching and deforestation.But with the most recent activities by the UN environmentalists a number of animals have been identified and protected.

Well amoung the most recent identified animals species is the Amara Antelope sported in the Amazon Forests,this animal is an exception to the rest of the animals in the following unique features;

1:Body structure:its body is unique,one can easily mistake it to the assumptions of some witchcraft works.The legs are thin like that of a goat but slightly taller has sharp clays.The forehead is slim with long horns,it absolutely look horrible.

internal Structure: The Amara antelope has a mammalian digestive system.It feeds on leaves and can feed to a maximum of 5grams of feed then spends the rest of the day sleeping in it's cafe.

Sight Mechanism: it can clearly see at night thus has an advantage to evade predators at Knight.