Meet boss William of Maria TV show

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As we all know, Maria TV Show has been on our screens for the longest time now since it was first aired by citizen TV. The show has not only managed to keep kenyans longing for more but also the whole of East Africa. Boss William whose real name is Dennis Musyoka has been part of the acting industry since the show begun.

He has for a long time been playing the role as the patron of the show who is always struggling to exude fairness and dad character. According to the show, he is the husband to Madam vicky and a caring father to his children. The drama all begun after he adopted Maria who is the star of the show and brought me her to his family and house.

Apart from Maria, boss william has been featured in many other kenyan show such as Mashtaka and Rafiki. Away from his acting career, Dennis Musyoka has a daughter who recently got married to his partner. Indeed, Dennis Musyoka is an inspiration to many people.

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