5 Solid Fact that shows Nana Akuffo Addo will fall come December election.


There are no doubts how Nana Akuffo Addo has turned the fortune for many Ghanaians as in the Education sector; thus the free Senior high school policy, in Agriculture he brought the planting for food intervention, in the Energy sector he has been able to stabilize the flow of electricity thus bringing the dumsor to an

 But upon conducting surveys to see how the citizens feel about the NPP administration, it turned out that many Ghanaians especially the party lovers are not satisfied with what this administration has achieved so far. 

Upon doing a due diligence to the survey, the incumbent administration could serve only one term and this will be shocking to many Ghanaians .

5 true facts that will cause Akuffo Addo's defeat come December elections;

1. Reluctance on the part of the NPP members.

Everyone will agree to the fact that the kind of zeal and hurry Ghanaians used to vote Nana Addo into power in 2016 election would be totally different from this year's elections and this why; 

* Ghanaians were fed up with the dumsor and businesses too were collapsing during the Mahama's administration.

* Cancellation of the teachers and nurses training allowances. What really upset these trainees is when the NDC executive started throwing shades at them, saying, " if you are going to school because of allowance stop and come and stay home". 

This statement was said by the General secretary of the NDC, Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia in one of their press conferences.

But what the NDC refused to know was that these trainees were about 80,000 and they were having families backing them so you can imagine the numbers here.  

* Another thing that got Ghanaians upset is when president Mahama made some sensitive statement about Ashanti people being ungrateful and that if he used gold to construct their road, they would still say he hasn't done anything. 

* The dead goat syndrome was also one of the issues the opponent NPP capitalized on during their campaign.

2. Ghanaians expectations haven't been met yet.

During Nana Addo's campaign in 2016, he made Ghanaians believed that he is going to give them heaven when voted into power and this raised their expectations higher. 

And what happens when people don't get what they were promised is obviously disappointing. 

This has made the populate a little bit disappointed in the Nana Addo's administration. 

3. The fighting of corruption.

Corruption, corruption, corruption this is the word politicians don't wanna hear. Do you remember when Mahama was asked if he has been bribed before. That was 1000 in one question to him. 

Nana Akuffo Addo promised he will setup a special prosecution office that will deal with corruption in the country, but the question Ghanaians are asking now is who has been prosecuted so far or the current government officials and CEOs are  angels sent from heaven, then we thank God for that.

4. The fighting of Galamsey activities. 

This was one achievement the incumbent would have been proud of though it wasn't mentioned in their manifesto but , it seems it hasn't end well.

Imagine stopping Galamsey in 2017 but the turbidity of the water bodies hasn't gone down. This suggests people are still mining in these water bodies. 

Meanwhile the government set up a task force to combat this crime so who are the people still mining in these water bodies. 

5. The presence of Covid 19. 

We are all praying this viral disease vanishes from the country because by all means we have to vote to elect our new president per the 1992 constitution.

 Are Ghanaians ready to sacrifice their lives and go out to cast their votes in these worrying times especially after they feel disappointed in this administration? 

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