Does Queen Love Whitemoney As She's Always Caught On Camera Flirting With Other Male Housemates?

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After Queen grace the big brother's house, she and Whitemoney have been friends, and as it seems the Pairs have graduated to another level with their relationship since they can be seen a couple of things together.

The way they go about their relationship these days Is quite different from what it was in the first and second week.

At first many thought that Queen was never serious due to the way, she flirts with other male housemates forgetting that everyone on the show was there for the money.

Even with everything that Queen does in the house, one can tell that a part of her loves Whitemoney a lot.

The beauty queen marked her territory immediately after gracing the show, during the time that Whitemoney and Pere had issues, she was one of the housemates that defended Whitemoney.

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Queens's feelings for whotemoney is not fake but given to the place and state of things, one is left to think otherwise.

As it ought to be, Queen is adhering to her purpose of coming to the house, she is quite focused on the game.

Not just the viewers, Whitemoney has on numerous occasions questioned Queens's attitude and has always advised her on what to do.

Queen love Whitemoney, and the only way to prove this fact to the fullest, is when the show is over, because, at the moment, everyone is trying to focus on the main aim.

Notwithstanding anything that is happening between the two, one thing for sure is that they enjoy each other's company. They support each other, from day one.

Meanwhile, Queen may be acting up sometimes but the truth remains that, she is focused on the game and the love she has for Whitemoney is different from the game

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